STATEMENT (Adam from Silver Rocket)
Looking for the definition of the most remarkable sound? Leave it to LYSSA. These three gentlemen have been playing in the same line-up since 1996, and in that time have long since grown atuned to their riffs, and therefore can get away with things that don’t occur to other band sin the slightest. This can mean the construction of raw walls of sound the same as it can exceptional rythmic labyrinths.
Their current release Amoral successfully lifts from all till now known musical coordinates. „Fucking genius“, remarked Tyson Cosby of Squall. He’s right. LYSSA’s music is like an massive unknown animal, which has forever been living it’s own life. Unforgiving and hypnotic base lines crash into drums, which are like from some other world, the nervous guitar is also very far from “beeing traditional”.
LYSSA however are no longer that renowned killing and crushing machine – on Amoral they found their way into quieter and more mysterious spaces. As if Killdozer elegantly borrowed a few ideas from Jawbox. To be sure, Amoral is without a doubt one of the most expressive and original records of the entire catalogue of their label.
And the inspirational sources of LYSSA? Just as unbelievable as the sound of this trio: Obscure film comedies, long journeys, physiological irregularities of the human body, the careful study of bands from the Amphetamnie Reptile Records catalogue. Doesn’t make sense? Should it?

Michael, Petr and Lukas are friends since the beginning of the nineties, when Prague‘s clubs opened their gates to many underground bands from different parts of the world, which completely changed the ideas of these guys about the simple fact, how to make noise. Their decision to form a band was made on impressive shows of Cosmic Psychos, Tar, Unsane, Hammerhead, The Jesus Lizard and many others.
They have only one main goal to achieve: play every gig as loud and as full of energy, as possible. They look like quiet and decent persons. They are on the edge of midlife crisis, they have families, children and regular jobs. They have many things to do, but still there is something, what keeps them on stage and from time to time on the road. Their music is usually described as noise-rock, thanks to their musical roots, but the reality is much more complicated and interesting - everyone should explore on their own. Their lyrics (in Czech) are unfortunately, but not surprisingly, usually not appreciated abroad, but they should be: weird chronicle of contemporary life, sometimes like primitive tribal prayers… irony can be very ironical.
Since the early years they cooperate with one label, locally famous and important Silver Rocket, where they released most of their recordings. They toured Europe twice, and they also shared the stage with some well-known bands, but what was the most important for them was to play with Unsane and Vaz, the bands, which were so important for Lyssa at the very beginning.

Striker (12“ EP, Silver Rocket, 1999)
Lavanda Gastrica (7“ split s Wollongong, Silver Rocket, 2003)
Amoral (CD/LP, Silver Rocket, 2005)
V.A.: Svinstvo z vesmíru (Macho Grande, previously unreleased version, Silver Rocket 1998)
V.A.: Ten Years Ego (Macho Grande, taken from Striker, Noiseworks, 1999)
V.A.: Zwei Kessel Buntes (Koponya, previously unreleased, Noiseworks 2002)

Sokolovna Vysehrad basketball ground, Praha (from the shower to the stage): 1998, Januray
Guru, Praha (with Pachinko: the Americans did not get the difference between our football and the American football): 2001, October
FreeDim Fest, Tabor (explosion with long lasting damage): 2002, May
Velvet, Teplice (where are the limits?): 2003, May
Bysice (the most drunken party ever): 2003, August
Club 007, Praha (with Liars: this band is art!): 2004, July
Club 007, Praha (with The Vaz: they are the best!): 2004, October
Tocnik Castle (greatest party ever): 2005, August
Club 007, Praha (with Unsane: playlist written on the snare): 2005, September